Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Peek: Wildcat Canyon Scarf

I'm currently on the prowl for  4  test knitters (all full, thanks!) for my latest infinity scarf design. Interested? Read below, and send an email to wildtomatoknits (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested in knitting it. Thanks! I figured I'd check here first before resorting to the pattern testing groups on Ravelry.

Craft: knitting
Approx. Hours to Complete: 10-12 (?)
Deadline: 2//27/12
Tools needed: 47" circular needles in US #7, or size needed to achieve gauge. The sharper the needles, the better!
Material Needed: 400 yards of worsted weight yarn
Finished Measurements: Scarf has a 50" circumference and is 7.5" wide
Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate
Formats Available: pdf
Testing Needs: In addition to error checking, I'd like feedback on pattern clarity. Also, I'd like a pretty picture of the finished object and a link on your Ravelry project page once this project is live.
Compensation: I'll send you a copy of my Tilden Park Scarf pattern as well as a finished copy of the Wildcat Canyon Scarf.


  1. Count me in!!! Do you need my e-mail? I can send it to you via a comment and you can just delete the comment so it doesn't get stolen by spies and such (wink wink).


  2. Do you have a particular deadline in mind?

  3. Eek! Sorry for ignoring your comments. I turned on comment moderation, and although I thought the comments were supposed to go to my regular email, they never made it through. I probably forgot to check a box somewhere.



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