Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat Belly and One Hit Wonders

Greaseball is a delicate flower. He'll mreow at you like a little hell cat when it's at least 2 hours before breakfast or dinner, hiss at his sister if she dares sit on the second cat shelf when he's there, and take over the dogs' favorite sleeping spots. Yet, he likes to show his sensitive side, his belly, when he sleeps now. This is a new happening, and it's strangely sweet in a circus freak sort of way. He is definitely a unique cat.

Speaking of unique cats, I had the unfortunate experience of watching 3 back-to-back episodes of "My Cat From Hell" while hanging out in the "snow" over Presidents Day Weekend. Again, I am convinced that cable television is not something I should have in my own house because I would be spend my time watching "Hoarders" (or even worse, "Animal Hoarders"), "My Cat From Hell", and armchair cooking shows. True, I'd get a lot of knitting and crocheting accomplished, but I'd also be able to spout off really annoying tidbits from "My Cat From Hell", and since I have a faulty internal filter, these facts are sure to come out at the most awkward times. The cat show did guilt me into playing more feather toy games with my cats, specifically because the one toy my cats love, the wire and cardboard Cat Dancer, was described by the Cat Whisperer as sad and pathetic. I felt like a bad cat guardian.

Recently, I broke one of my golden rules to buy this grapefruit spoon. I usually eschew one hit wonder kitchen tools, although I may own a cherry pitter, because space is a premium here. And you know what? I crazy-puffy-heart love this thing! It makes the whole grapefruit eating experience, and segmenting fruit in general, a joyous experience. Why was I holding back before? The spoon is less than $4 even at swanky places like Sur La Table (a store whose name I won't say aloud anymore after a friend told me I had the most atrocious French accent ever). Now, I'm eyeing a spaetzle maker even though I've never made spaetzle.

True story: while at the cash register at Sur La Table, the cashier asked me if I wanted to put the spoon on someone's wedding registry. Huh? I was baffled because, first of all, it's $4. I may be cheap, but buying someone a $4 wedding gift is not even something I could do without great shame. Also, is it so weird to buy a grapefruit spoon for myself? Apparently, so. I awkwardly explained that I am just a grapefruit lover who is in need of a special spoon.

Check out Rani's Wildcat Canyon Scarf! It turned out so lovely!


  1. I could just eat those kitties right up. (not really, but you know. . . )

    The only way I'll eat grapefruit is if it's neatly sliced and deskinned. I don't own that fancy tool and that's probably why.

    ps. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. love my grapefruit spoons!! Pair them w/ a grapefruit knife (curved blade!!) and you will (almost) never squirt yourself or others while eating grapefruit again!

    and of course smooches to the kitties!



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