Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brown Derby

One leftover ruby red grapefruit, some nondescript bourbon, and honey make a cocktail worth singing over! Shake together 3 parts bourbon, 2 parts grapefruit juice, and 1 part rich honey syrup with ice. Strain in to a glass and enjoy! If you're feeling fancy, add a grapefruit peel twist. I wasn't feeling fancy.

I had some cheap scotch that the boy bought from Trader Joe's that I used instead of the bourbon, and it was still delicious. Is it sad that the only things I buy at Trader Joe's are toilet paper, dried pasta, and booze? Their produce is covered in unnecessary packaging and never looks fantastic. Once in awhile, I'm seduced by their avocados, but they all ripen at once and then at least one of them will end up in the compost pile. Where I grew up, TJs was the best supermarket around, but now I'm spoiled by multiple farmers' markets (the El Cerrito Tuesday market has the best Asian vegetables), Monterey Market, and Berkeley Bowl West.

One thing I cannot find in the Berkeley area is bulk peanut oil. I go through a 3L bottle of peanut oil every 6 months because I use it for stir-frying and everyday cooking where olive oil's taste doesn't fit in.  Before I buy another plastic bottle of peanut oil, I'd like to find somewhere I can refill my existing bottle. If anyone has any nearby options, please let me know! A friend informed me I can find what I'm looking for at Rainbow Grocery, but it's far from me.

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  1. I head over to Rainbow about once a month so let me know if you'd like drop off the container for the next time I go in June : )



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