Monday, May 4, 2015

Monte Rio Getaway

Quick vacations are wonderful for getting out of a rut. The boy and I are enjoying our time off, and instead of scheduling a grand trip, we decided to make several small trips around the Bay Area. Monte Rio is less than 2 hours from us, yet it feels far enough away to let some of the daily-life stress soften up. Not having cell phone service, helped, too!

Sesame swam, although begrudgingly. She'll do anything to save her precious ball.

Mingus dug holes in the beach and sat proudly in them.

Sesame posed by the river...

And on tree stumps.

I found unexpected kimchi fried rice for breakfast at Dick Blomsters. This constitutes a successful vacation. Where we'd move if we didn't have to do X, Y, and Z is always a moving target, but Monte Rio is a strong contender.

If you want to see updates on the dogs, cat, and food more than once or twice a month, you can find us all on Instagram. My username is sungoldtomato.

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