Thursday, March 6, 2008

What to make with this yarn?

My MIL gave me a bunch of this cotton/acrylic, nubby yarn from her own mother's stash. I wanted to make my MIL something beautiful that she can use with it, but I am drawing a blank. Her mother passed away about 3 years ago and was an avid knitter until the end. I have loads of this yarn.

It's not the fanciest yarn, but I'm sure that it can be transformed into something worthy! Any ideas?


  1. is there something that your MIL's mom knit a lot of? like pillow covers, afghans, vests, blankies, etc? or seat covers? it would make nice house socks too...
    does your MIL like sweaters?

  2. Mitts & scarf? I find that older people tend to feel colder - achy bones & such. Or maybe that's just a gross generalization from my grandmas.



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