Sunday, May 18, 2008

And the cat beret craziness continues...

It's normal to check Ravelry over and over again to see if there are new photos of cats wearing hats, right?

Asappa sent me this hilarious collage of her cat, Mingus (good taste in pet names, eh?), who has a new head ornament. I love how Mingus' face conveys so many different emotions: humiliation, resignation, and the always classic "you better watch your back, lady!" look.

Stringcat was one of the first persons to cast on for the cat beret and to complete it. She just posted pictures of Thunder, and I think she's so cute!

Spotted on the net: LOL cats with the Thai hat.

If you have pictures of your critters rockin' an International Cat Hat, please send me a picture or a link! They totally make my day.

1 comment:

    i wanted to post a pic of Fanny with her Summer Cut but there were technical difficulties...
    xoxo to the Mingus and Friends! :o)ek.



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