Monday, May 5, 2008

Of shoes and cats

April was a month for starting and finishing small projects. I participated in round 2 of a washcloth swap, and I received a lovely new blanket for Greaseball! It is even more special because this is topdoggie's first ever dishcloth! Isn't it beautiful?

I sent off a NunuYaya dishcloth designed by Amoral Fiber. It was a quick, easy knit that leaves you wanting to make more! I knit my washcloth on US size 8 needles with Sugar 'n Cream's Ombres & Prints in the colorway Swimming Pool.

My swapee, Myla, had her lovely cat Oscar model his new cape. He looks stunning, as always. His "I'm. So. Pissed. Off" look is a textbook example. Wee kittens everywhere should study his icy glare. He should be proud.

In April, I also finished up these Jaywalkers for moi. The yarn Depth Charge from Pigeonroof Studios, purchased at the Article Pract booth at Stitches West. Since Jaywalkers are notorious for being a tad too tight around the ankle, I modified the stitch pattern a bit to make Lace Jaywalkers. They slip on and off like buttuh!

Of course, new socks means new shoes. I found these clear Sketchers on sale! Plastic shoes usually means sweaty feet, but these shoes have plenty of vents. I do feel I need to put my hair in piggytails and do loop de loops on the playground bars, but I do love showing of my socks. No longer will my shoes cover up all my hard work! LOOK AT MY SOCKS! LOOK AT THEM! (Everyone feels that way after finishing a pair, right?)

Hm, I never noticed before that the pattern on top of Fifty-Fifty's head is very similar to our hardwood floors.

I also bought myself a throne, but that is for another post. Have a good week, y'all!


  1. :) so happy to see your post today! and also to see it is not just MY cat that gives that ice cold glare! (your cats always look so complacent about it all, my cat always looks like the is ready to gouge my eyeballs out when i take her pic...glad to see that your swapee has a similar cat lol) i LOVE your socks and YES you SHOULD show them off completely!!
    great post!

  2. Love the shoes, they look FANTASTIC! ;)

    hummus & sesame ginger girl

  3. That sock yarn is gorgeous! What a great choice for socks! Love the clear Mary Janes...are they comfortable?

    Greaseball looks handsome in his new blanket...and just a little relieved that an international cat hat didn't show up in the mail to be modeled!

  4. CUTE SOCKS!!! and i love that dishcloth pattern...
    i'm going to have to make one of my own now...
    ...A THRONE??? :o) ek.

  5. Ok, fourth times the charm? I've tried to post a comment three times now but my browsers are giving me fits.

    I love that dishrag! Love the shape and those colors are wonderful. I'm not sure I could stand plastic shoes for myself, but they certainly show off your socks to great advantage.

    Now, ahem. A Throne???? DISH!

  6. LOL! I can't believe you found a way to show off your socks. Clear shoes...of course, why didn't I think of that?!

  7. Great washcloths, kitties, and socks! Fifty-fifty's head pattern is definitely wood grain like : )



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