Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing my throne

Here it is! While visiting the parental units (PU, for short) a couple of weekends ago, the boy and I noticed this chair sitting outside a furniture store. I walked by again. And again. And I sat on it. The boy tried to sit in it, but like Goldilocks, I was the only one who fit in it just right. After some hemming and hawing, and a shove from an old friend who has experience enabling me, we decided to bring the chair back to our home turf.

I adore it. It is the root ball of a Chinese fir tree, turned upside down for my sitting pleasure. The cats refuse to sit on it. The dogs can't curl up in it, therefore they hate it too (but thankfully, Mingus does not think it is a tree for him to pee on). In other words, I have finally found something that I like and no one else in this house can claim. Happily, it is at the right height for my spinning wheel, too!

And look what a nice backdrop it makes for pictures! By the way, this soap is made from goat's milk, and it comes in lovely scents like peppermint and almond. Xine asked me if I would be willing to trade some Mingus yarn for some of her homemade soap. I can attest that her soap is luxurious and lovely! The next time I make gift baskets, some of her soap is going in the mix!

The little mouse is my favorite form factor of the three.

Can you believe I went away this weekend with the dogs and I forgot my camera? Oh well, that means that you get yet another shot of Fifty doing what Fifty does: stare out into space. I promise some dog pictures soon!


  1. That throne is awesome! I am having trouble picturing the proportions though - I think we need an action shot! :)

  2. :D I 2nd what ladypatsfan said, we need a "wild tomato upon her wooden throne" shot ;)
    Hope you, the boy, and the dogs had a good time away and that Fifty & Greaseball enjoyed their semi-solitude :) Have a great week!

  3. I love your chair! The soap sounds lovely : )
    (I third the "action shot" idea)

  4. I *love* your throne. It is totally the kind of stuff I would buy, and then spend a lifetime wondering which spot in the living room it would work best in :)

  5. Wow, I've never seen anything like your's completely unique! I'll bet the cats would sit in it if you made a little cushion for the seat.

  6. Gorgeous chair! I love that it's ONLY for you. Well deserved.

    I'm off to check that soap link. Those look yummy enough to eat!

  7. I love the chair!!! the girls are fairly respectful of "my" spot on the loveseat but the chair has been firmly claimed by Kallie and she makes sure there is enough fur left that noone wants to sit there...

  8. What a fantastic wooden chair! Too bad about the moss and lichens growing on it already...



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