Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eat, Shed, Daub

I hate the nose daubs that Mingus leaves on the window. When I return home, there is always a new message for me to wipe away. I'm hoping that someday, it will spell something cool and I can exploit Mingus just like Wilber, Zuckerman's Famous Pig! So far, no such luck. If he's writing something, it's not in English or Spanish, the only two languages I have a hope of comprehending.

Maybe it's Sanskrit! It would be awesome if Mingus is channeling an ancient language, trying to preach his message to the whole wide world, but lacking opposable thumbs, pens, and paper, he resorts to writing with nose daubs. Then, the evil woman comes home and erases his latest solution for world peace or the cure for cancer.

His book would be titled, "Eat, Shed Daub: One Misunderstood Dog's Message to the World." It would be a bestseller, I'm sure.


  1. Maybe we should call upon the Dog Whisperer?

  2. Maybe he has a penpal across the street? Or it's the dog equivalent to a message in a bottle.

  3. Fanny is jealous of Mingus' Nose Daubs bc her nose is never wet enough to make them. unless she's hanging her head out of the car window, then it's a fountain of nose-daubiness.
    :o)and it's so funny that you put Eat, Shed, Daub as the title bc i'm reading that book right now (Eat, Pray, Love). :o) ek.

  4. I think I miss his 'nose daubs' the most...


    Any of those from here on out will be smaller and much, much lower!

  5. What an endearing post. Love those dogs! Have you read Merle's Door? Very good doggy book.

    oh, and the message he's writing:

    When will you be home?



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