Sunday, July 13, 2008

I will never be bored

When I was a child, I was constantly bored. In fact, I bugged my parents about it so much that I was forbidden to mention the "B word." If I slipped up and started to utter, "Mom, I'm bor-", my mother would dole out one awful chore after another that could be done around the house to stop my boredom. Yeah, lots of fun that was.

I do not get people who wistfully yearn for their younger years, because being an adult is absolutely fabulous. I can't even remember the last time I complained to anyone about being bored! Even if I'm stuck at home, I can pick up my camera, or I can knit, or cook something, or go for a hike, or poke a dog. When I pointed this out to one of the parental units that my annoying childhood whining would have been prevented by an allowance, more pets, and the freedom to buy whatever materials I wanted and do whatever I wanted, I got no sympathy.

So, these pictures are what I did recently to prevent boredom.

I bugged the cats and took blurry pictures of them while making clucking noises in an effort to get both of them to look at the camera.

The boy planted more seeds and we harvested our second salad of the summer (SSS). I spent a long time on the deck trying to figure out what he planted since he didn't label anything. It's okay because I like surprises.

My hoya carnosa's blooms fell off, and I decorated my handspun with them.

I spent a lot of time staring and taking pictures of our carniverous plant. I think the boy fed it some Korean bbq, or at least that what he claims when asked why this plant is suddenly thriving.

I knit a chemo cap for my MIL. Sadly, the last of her hair fell out yesterday and she doesn't recognise herself anymore. I'll be knitting many more caps, as will some of my friends (thanks again, you are all wonderful). F*ck breast cancer.


  1. I'm with on that one - cancer is insidious. But don't just make your MIL those CHEMO caps - she might take this opportunity to change her style! Make her some great hats - berets are good for more than just international cats. What about a felted hat for winter, something fabulous for nights out to eat or going to church or whatever she enjoys doing?

    After her hair starts to come back, she'll have another style change, I'll bet - and hats will add to her style again! She's got a challenge in front of her - so do you!

    My mom died 2 years ago, after a 5 year battle with ovarian cancer. Hats were one of the great things she did for herself. But she only wore CHEMO caps when she first lost her hair. Then she got over feeling depressed about herself and went for a change in style.

  2. I love the hat! And I LOVE the way you entertain yourself! Kids have a way of keeping me from getting bored, too!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I just LOVE the shot of the cats. What a great shot! Fancatsic! :)

    Also, I'm totally thinking about your mother in-law. When she doesn't recognize herself, is when she has one's like you and her boy, to remind her who she is, and will always be.

    Your hats are even more beautiful when worn by beautiful women, like her...

  4. Can you please links if you have them? I'd love to make this hat.

    Prayers for your MIL. My mom died one year ago of lung cancer. She did not seek treatment.

  5. Thanks, anonymous, for the prayers for my MIL.

    The link to the chemo caps is



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