Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taste of the Wild

That's the name of the cats' food o' the month. (No, that is not a cat standing next to the bag. Vespa thought that the food smelled dandy and she was willing to be a taste tester for it. Sadly for her, I did not take her up on her offer.)

The picture on the bag, however, almost made me not buy it. I had to be convinced that it was a quality food by the store owner's testimonial that it was good stuff and that she feeds it to her own cats. I read the ingredients myself, and decided that it was worthy of at least a try. This graphic, however, is over the top ridiculous.

I mean, come on! My cats are domestic cats who wear hats. They enjoy sofas, beds, and being served. If they were out in the wilderness, they'd be food! I have no false ideas about my cats being mighty hunters, free spirits, or rugged, outdoor creatures.

My #1 camera is out of batteries, so I switched back to my #2. It's funny what I found on the memory card. This is a picture of the boy and I in a most romantic setting. We look a little wacky on the junk.

I also found numerous pictures of me looking a little, um, compromised. These pictures do nothing for my fear that as the main photographer in the household, after I'm long gone people will only have funny/odd/bad pictures of me to remember me by because the boy usually only takes pictures when he deems the opportunity funny/odd/bad. Feh!


  1. Well, there's nothing like real skulls piled up against the wall to just really MAKE a romantic atmosphere! I hesitate to ask if meat was on the menu...

    But the second picture doesn't seem to show anything compromising; just beautiful you! Maybe I don't know enough about the photo to recognise compromise when I see it...

  2. Oh, I don't know. My cat is an indoor house cat, and she thinks she's a puma, stalking the wild animals at the bird feeder. Not always birds!

  3. This post is awesome. My cat would also be food, to be sure.

  4. Love the pictures! I think this just might be the first time we the readers actually get to see your face on your blog. It's like seeing the Great Oz behind that curtain. Niceeeeee.

    Happy Almost Friday! :)

  5. What is it about boys and picture taking? Our conversations go like "Why are you taking these pictures that I won't post for anyone to see?" Answer:" Because I like looking at them". Who can argue with that kind of logic?

    Kuttu got into cat food once - it wasn't pretty bloating. Interestingly, he's gotten into cat poo a LOT more times.

  6. Piewacket? Definitely not the great hunter, though he's got the proportions of a big cat. Tonks is the scary one. She weighs all of 8 pounds soaking well - tiny - but she's downright frightening when she's stalking something. If it weren't for the bell on her collar, I'm sure she'd have gotten the drop on us by now. It doesn't help she's black, too. We jokingly call her Ninja Cat.

  7. Those are GREAT shots of you! And I'm sure they come will all sorts of memories...better than 'POSING!'

    And that cat food...what is the thinking behind a bag like THAT? Crazy!



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