Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures in Cupcakery: The Quest for the Mochi Cupcake

Awhile ago, the boy and I hosted a paella party and one of our guests brought gluten free cupcakes. None of our guests had celiac disease, but this friend was taking the remaining cupcakes to a work function the next day and one of her coworkers has celiac. OMG, these cupcakes were good! They were like mochi cupcakes, primarily because they were made with rice flour. The recipe she used for her cupcakes is here.

Due to not so recent obsession with homemade rice noodles, I have oodles of rice and tapioca flours hanging out in my pantry, so my quest has become to make even more chewy mochi cupcakes with these remants. Today was try #2, and my recipe tweaks (use oil instead of mayo, use agave syrup instead of white sugar, use glutonous rice flour and regular rice flour) are getting me closer!

The reason I say I'm getting closer instead of "Eureka!" is that these cupcakes are, for lack of a better term, fugly.

Oh, they start out really promising when you take them out of the oven. They are golden and plump!

But a minute later, they deflate and they look like shrunken heads.

I crowned this cupcake Fugliest of All.

A dollop of cream cheese and honey frosting helped disguise the wrinkles, but I need to work on my frosting skills before these can be for public consumption. Another friend swears up and down that using piping bags for frosting application is the best and easiest way, and at this point, I'd have to agree.

I will have to try another recipe tweak again because I already have some ideas on how to make these cupcakes more mochi-like and cute.


  1. I think I need to come over and help you get rid of those fugly things. Because they look delicious, and the thought of a mochi-cupcake is making me hungry!

  2. srsly, you crack me up! and now you've got me craving mochi ice cream and i want to try these fugly little babies out! :o) we seriously need to do a little baking get-together the next knitting meetup! yum...

  3. I wasn't seeing shrunken heads, I was seeing something much worse. I won't spell it out.

    It reminds me of my sister who showed up with a bag of dried figs and I told her I couldn't eat them because they appeared to be mummy testicles. No one ate any more dried figs that day. We ended up throwing the bag out.

    I bet those cupcakes were delicious. I must post furmiliating pics of my new cat soon, but she is still recovering from her move.

  4. Yum! I think they look exceedingly edible :)



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