Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Head, Little Head

It's a warm day (finally!), so the boys like to sit by the open screen door for some observing and napping. It always makes me chuckle when I see Mingus next to Greaseball, because they match in an odd way.

Mingus is such a ham. I can't say it enough. He sees a camera out, and then it's Zoolander time! I swear he sucks in his cheeks so he can appear more svelte.

This is my cue that the photoshoot is over. Subtle, that dog is not.

I think I need a remote control for my camera. I have a few knits that I need to wear and photograph for the old blog, but using the timer on my camera just doesn't get picky me the picture I want.

Yesterday, I did some celebratory yarn shopping. The occasion wasn't momentous - saving some time by fixing a typo on my car's title at AAA versus DMV - but any old reason to go yarn shopping is a good one, right? Sweaters are on my mind, and thoughts of the Backward Cabled Pullover (Rav link) are consuming me. I procured my yarn yesterday: 5 skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Fresco in Mallard Blue.

I got a super deal at one of my LYS, K2tog. Since there were only 5 skeins left, they were in the sale bin with a 15% discount - K2tog pulls yarn to the sale bin when there aren't enough skeins of the same color lot to make a sweater. I also had a coupon for an additional $5 off, so I could not pass up this deal. Fortunately (?), I'm really short, so if I make a short sleeved sweater, I calculated that 5 skeins should be about right. This super soft yarn is 60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, and 10% angora. Already, without even being wound into cakes, the yarn is pilling. :/ Hopefully, with a good shave or two, the pilling won't be so noticeable. After all, the ball band says that this yarn is good for showing off textured stitches. We'll see...


  1. That's a beautiful blue yarn. And I love your dog! He's charming.

  2. Mingus is so cute - I love his "all done" face. Very definitive. :)

    What is the main problem with the self timer? Is the focus shifting? Is the frame not what you expect? Even with a remote, you won't get to see what is in the frame - you just get to take multiple pictures without walking back and forth to the camera. You could place a mirror behind the LCD (in addition to remote) to get a peek at how the image got framed. And once you've decided where you will be relative to the camera, switch focus to manual so it doesn't attempt to refocus every time.

  3. My god, he is a ham!

    A NEW SWEATER! WHoohooooo! It's always so fun to start a new project, isn't it? And with yarn that doesn't make you work the night-shift.

    I'm off to check out that rav link




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