Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aly Oop!

Meet Aly and her tongue.

She's a silly boxer pup who lives with LeannIAm.

In her spare time, she cleans other dogs' mouths. Yes, she's a dog dentist of sorts.

Once again, Mingus was too much of an elitist to hang with the silly puppy. I wanted to get some pictures of them together, but Mingus refused to lower himself to play with Aly. What a snot.


  1. What a gorgeous boxer! I love her carmel color.

    My dippy-doo-dog also licks like that. Very submissive gesture, so I'm told.

  2. I love love love boxers. Such sweeties!

  3. Hehehe...great pictures! That one makes her look sort of like the Gene Simmons of boxer pups! She's a great puppy..when we don't want to kill her for destroying something. (She destroys a lot of stuff! Her latest victims were three bags of pasta from the pantry. PASTA??? But, this is the same dog who eats fruit...

    She misses her friends! (Or their saliva maybe!)



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