Sunday, March 21, 2010

Odd and More Odd

I had quite a scare this morning. I woke up with a jet black tongue. Even though I did take a picture, it's gross, so no visuals of said tongue from me.

It was with the utmost dread that I started doing web searches on what could be wrong. Doing a web search for "black tongue" came up with really bad things. Then, I searched "black tongue pepto bismol." Bingo.

PSA, if you've had any wine, chew a couple of Pepto-Bismol tablets, and then go to bed, you may wake up with a jet black tongue. Before I had the nerve to google what was wrong with me, I showed the boy and it made him scream "Whoa, you need to see a doctor now!", which in turn made Vespa come over and start licking his face. Who needs coffee on a morning like this?

The worst part of my newly black tongue is that it could last for a few days. Seriously? Am I not supposed to open my mouth in the next few days? I look like a lizard mutant.

The more odd piece of news I have is Rear Gear. Yes! A "Mr. Brown Eye" cover for pets! I'm somewhat tempted to crochet something like this for Mingus or the cats, but then I think about the logistics (will I have to wash it after each use? who wants to wash that?) and I decide against it. But if you're feeling saucy, you should craft one up, put it on your pet, and then send me a pic!


  1. you've never encountered this before?! it's not so much the wine + pepto, it's just the pepto. at least that's what I've encountered.
    and it'll come off if you give your tongue a good scrubbing tonight. (it helps if you have a tongue scraper too) mine never lasted more than 24hours.
    and OMG. REAR GEAR?! that is SO HILARIOUS!!!

  2. Ah, yes, the Pepto back tongue. Been there and have the heart attack to prove it. :)

    I found Rear Gear this week, too, and was quite disturbed. My dog has an anus. I can accept that. Why do some want to cover it up?

    Besides, Sadie projectile poops. When she launches those things out of her butt, I'd have to wash that Rear Gear thing. No way, no how. :)

  3. Oh my - I'm laughing out loud. I've heard that Pepto can do that to people, but I've never actually known anyone who experience it!

    And the butt covers!?!? H AH AHAAAAAAAA!!! Last night, we had my in-laws over - all of them - and non are dog people. Our lovely labby took a stretch off the couch with his rear in the air, pointed right at the dinner table and there was Mr. Brown Eye (h ah ah ahaaaaaaa - I can't stop laughing) look at us. OH, to have had Rear Gear. hooo hooo hooooooooo

    if you ever come up with a pattern, let me know! I'm thinking of the crocheted coasters.

  4. I haven't taken Pepto in eons - the only reason I had some was that a friend slipped me some during a recent trip. Perhaps if I had the package I would have known about the black tongue syndrome. Apparently, this is common knowledge?

  5. yup-- the black tongue happens often with pepto. don't worry, it's like ink on your hands, except it goes away faster. :o) it makes sense that you wouldn't know about it if you have a tummy of iron!

  6. I had to push away from the puter on this one...was laughing too hard! How do you find stuff like this?!? I can just picture Celeste spinning in circles to snip off this butt cover...hah!



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