Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yard Scrap Love Seat

Sunny summery days get the boy's creative juices going. Since air conditioning is not a standard household system in these parts, hot days = hot house = refuge in the backyard. Our lovely backyard stays shady and cool due to a coastal redwood that eclipses the rest of the yard. We love our tree, in fact it's the reason we moved here, but it does require lots of trimming.

During this last round of trimming, the boy saved the more choice branches and made us a love seat. I'm always surprised at what he can just up and do, having never done it before, but also inspired that he never thinks he can't do it. I've put in a request for some redwood buttons I can use for sweaters, so hopefully that will come to fruition once the wood cures some more.


  1. You boy is making other boys look scrappy :)

  2. Like the bench, and like your comments on surprise and inspiration...



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