Saturday, July 16, 2011

They Know I'm Stuck

Yesterday, I sprained my ankle in a very uninteresting way. Consequently, the majority of my time is spent laying down. This morning, as I was laying in bed, Mingus and Fifty started to smother me because they both wanted head scratches.

Fifty is supremely stubborn, as you can tell by the look on her face and the fact that she persisted in staying in place despite Mingus using her as a pillow. Mingus was kind of oblivious to her presence, as per usual. Eventually, I had to yell for the boy to remove both of them because I was pinned down and Mingus has erratically kicky legs that were dangerously close to my injured ankle.

Now, let's hope that this bum ankle heals completely before Sock Summit! I cannot imagine hobbling around on crutches while trying to fondle sock yarn.


  1. Luka has erratically kicky legs, too!

    I'm so sorry about your ankle. I hope it heals a lot more quickly than mine did last year (it took months).

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I wish my cat paid more attention when I was ill.

  3. Thanks, gals. Eep, Sock Summit is in 10 days! Heal, ankle, heal!

    Foodycat, my pets are smothering me! I can't sit anywhere without them trying to plop on my lap, making it very hard to knit. Be careful what you ask for. ;)

  4. awww :( hope your ankle is better soon! And they just wanted to looooove on you! My cat Pepper "hold me down" when I'm feeling ill... silly critters, huh?

  5. Feel better soon! It seems so like Mingus to squish Fifty as though nobody was under him. Goofball.

  6. Oh, ow! I hope you feel better very quickly. If not, I'd recognize you at SS by your crutches...

  7. Nikki, I'm trying to take the "this is flattering" approach instead of "they are taking advantage of me" approach. They are beyond silly!

    Meera, you know them so well...

    Michele, I'll make sure to knitify my crutch if it comes to that.

  8. Oh no, hope your recovery is quick!

    Animals always know when something's up. I think my cat is happiest when I'm sick on the couch and laid up for days. Though I do like a warm furry thing to snuggle on days like that.

    So I'll ask, what did you do? This coming from a self proclaimed klutz who's last injury (2 wks ago) was stubbing toes on closet door frame and totally face planting on bathroom floor. I honestly don't know how i get through some days?

  9. Tina, add me to the klutz club. I tripped while walking both dogs down a hill, and I landed on my ankle. My leashed dogs kept on walking, making my ankle pop. Ew, I can still hear that noise! This is what I get for trying to let the dogs burn off some steam (we have loads of construction going on in our house and it makes all the beasts nervous).

  10. omg it popped?! ick...

    i hope it heals very very fast so you can fondle ALL THE SOCK YARN!!

    You've got construction going on in your house? what kind? i hope it's all done soon!! xoxo.



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