Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Natto Day Report

June 10th was Natto Day, and to celebrate, my cousins came over to indulge in natto, fried eggs, and hot rice. The meal was especially memorable because the natto was of the homemade variety. Taking a cue from my cuz, I am continuing the natto train and fermenting some more today.

Can I eat this for breakfast like so many Japanese people? Probably, but do keep in consideration that I am not a sweet breakfast person. No insipid frosted cornflakes will pass my lips. Give me black coffee and natto and a fried egg over hot rice any morning and I'll be content. Natto contains probiotics just like yogurt with live cultures, so I can see why eating it is considered healthy.

And since we're on the topic of probiotics, probiotic supplements are such a rip off. Just eat foods with naturally occurring probiotics like kimchi, yogurt, and natto.

I've used the words "blue cheese" to describe the natto smell, but my friends had a better description after tasting some tonight: they taste like ginkgo nuts. If you have haven't had ginkgo, I guess this doesn't help, but ginkgo has a slight bitter taste like natto.

Natto phobia is unwarranted.

Have you eaten natto? What did you think of it?

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