Sunday, July 24, 2011


Apricot pit cracked open to reveal the nut
Since this year's tomato crop is abysmal at best, I'm consoling myself with apricots. Aside from eating them fresh, I've made apricot caramel ice cream and apricot jam (easiest recipe ever). I now have a nice collections of apricot pits set aside to make homemade amaretto. So far, the leading recipe contender is this one from CHOW. Has anyone out there made amaretto? Any tips or favorite recipes to share?

My lemon infused vodka has been ready to drink for a couple of months now. I should probably strain the zest from the vodka since it's been infusing since April, but I'm enjoying the over the top lemon flavor. The only problem is that since I used 100 proof vodka, a little shot glass of the stuff knocks me out. This was great when I had to stay still due to my loopy ankle (which is doing much better - thanks to all for the well wishes), but it's potency begs to be mixed with other things in order for me to stay functional. I suppose I could cook and bake with it, too.


  1. Ok, I may have just found my new cooking projects for the summer when it's too hot to really cook... The amaretto sounds fantastic as does the lemon vodka! We love a good evening drink;)

    Hope your ankle is healing up. Never good to hear a pop - yikes! Are you sure the dogs didn't do it on purpose for more cuddle time? ;)

  2. ok i had NO CLUE that amaretto was made from the nut of the pit of the apricot. omg. you are amazing.



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