Saturday, October 6, 2007

FO Saturday

The Tofutsie anklets ala Jaywalker are finally done. Each sock has a different type of toe-up heel flap - one is from More Sensational Knitted Socks, and the other is from this website. I'm not in love with either method, but they were worth trying since my previous socks have all sported short-row heels. The second method is worth investigating more since I did not have to rearrange the stitches on my needles (2 circular needles) when I got to the heel, and I did not have to pick up stitches. It was amazingly easy, but the end result isn't as clean as I would like.

Pattern: Tweaked Jaywalker (started with 28 stitches for the toe using Turkish cast-on, 94 stitches total, 28 stitchs for toe, 9 stitches between the k f/b and dd, 2x2 ribbing at top)
Needles: Size 0, 2 circulars

The cats, yet again, were not impressed. Short of dousing my knitted goods with fish oil and breading them with catnip, I don't know what would peak their interest.

I also finished spinning 4 oz of merino/tencel roving from Carolina Homespun. This time, I used my highest flyer to wheel ratio (15.5:1) and ended up 335 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn. To make anything thinner, I'm going to have to buy the high speed and extra high speed whorls and bobbins for my wheel. Bummer, I'll have to buy more tools (insert evil laugh).

The dogs were not impressed.

What is it with these animals? Can't they see how cool my socks and yarn are? Sheesh.


  1. I love the socks.. I think greasie needs to wear them - the pink would look quite lovely against his grey fur!

  2. I love Vespa's ears! Samantha has the same ears and I call them her rabbit ears.

    My animals are also not impressed with my knitting. The animals are just not hip, are they?

  3. you got the socks done--yayay!!

  4. congrats on the socks FO!!!
    and thanks so much for the yarn!!!it looks soooo great! :o)
    and that picture of the poochies is just too funny...

  5. You are like your own little sweatshop of knitted goods! You get more done in a week than I could do in a year...

    Where are you finding all this time?

  6. Your knitting is really good. Vespa and Mingus lol Those two are super cute... well the relatives are here this weekend... that means buffet... sigh



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