Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Meet Scarlett

Mingus and Vespa have a new cousin, Scarlett! She's from BASH, the Bay Area Siberian Husky rescue organization. I think she's a GSD and husky mix since she looks a little bit like both of my dogs. Her estimated age is 8 months old. A puppy! We have a puppy in the family!

She's a little camera shy since she isn't used to being the focus of the paparazzi.

However, she does warm up if you give her something to chew on.

And, boy does she ever warm up around Mingus. Watching these two interact confirms my suspicions that Mingus is just an overgrown, 3-year-old puppy. They are infatuated with each other!

Welcome, Scarlett!


  1. Scarlett is definately a GSD-husky if we've ever seen one! and gor-g-ous!

  2. Wow, three dogs now. She is a sweethart. How is she around Vespa?

  3. She is GORGEOUS!

    Almost makes me want a puppy. Almost. :)

  4. Scarlett is gorgeous... she is Fallon's new sister right? Things are going to be fun when all 4 of them get together!! I think Mingus is already planning to teach her all his tricks!

  5. omg that last pic! how awesome! so, did she destroy anything in her first day alone in the house?

  6. Scarlett is gorgeous. Is she staying? She's Celeste's age! Celeste could have an internet buddy!

  7. heh, I just looked closer at the last picture...what a pair!

  8. Since you say 'cousin'...does that mean she's only there temporarily?

    She's beautiful!

  9. OH GEEZ what a CUTIE!!! and that last picture is too funny!!!



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