Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Report from Casa de Wildtomato

Coffee. Lots of coffee. That's what makes this household go 'round and 'round. Without it, we are useless puddles. And, no, we don't have a problem. But thanks for your concern.

I picked up 26 pounds of green coffee beans from my favorite pusher, Sweet Maria's. Although I had many beans to choose from, I decided to roast La Esparanza from Nicaragua. I roasted it to Full City, so for tomorrow's brew, I should taste citrus, spice, bourbon vanilla notes. I love the tasting notes that come with these beans!

Here's a small sampling of my stash.

Luckily, it was a windy day, so it was easy to separate the chaff from the beans.

The finished product! I cannot wait to drink it tomorrow.

This is what Mingus does when he knows that we haven't had our coffee yet. This is his best Wicked Witch of the East impersonation.

Greaseball doesn't care if we have had our coffee or not. He just wants to be fed. Oh, and he wants the dogs' bed. He's always hogging their bed. (It looks like Greaseball could use some coffee, too.)

Fifty is also wary when we haven't had our coffee. She wishes we would lay off the beans, or at least lay off of taking pictures of her. Sorry, Fifty, but that's not going to happen.

Since I finished my last pair of socks, I cast one for two more. I'm a little worried that the Schaefer Anne yarn sock will be itchy, but boy are the colors gorgeous - I'll post pictures next time. The picture below is a toe-up version of the Gentleman's Fancy Sock that I'm making for the boy's dad. This Tofutsie colorway reminds me of Mingus.

The silk scarf is also coming along. The greatest thing about using a drop stitch pattern is that your work grows by leaps and bounds when those stitches come off of the needles. I still cannot decide of this scarf is going to get any fringe or not, but it will be at least a couple of weeks until this is done, so I have time to make up my mind.


  1. Wow. This is so weird. Kishka does the same impression of the Wicked Witch of the East! It's usually only the back 1/4 of her sticking out from under the bed. I've never been able to snap a picture because as soon as she hears me approach, she crawls out from under the bed.

  2. Celeste also does the Wicked Witch routine - all she lacks is the striped socks.

  3. that is sooo funy how 50-50's mouth is open in the picture, so she looks like she's talking to you! what a cutie...
    and of course, mingus under the bed...or partly under it. fanny has started to do that under our coffee's too low for her to get all the way under so she just sticks her head under it! :o)

  4. i like you more and more as i read your blog =) coffee lover too! woohoo!

    i love the look of the drop stitch scarf!

  5. Awesome! I have cut down to one cup of coffee and become hooked on herbal tea! I actually have more energy now and my ankles are smaller than ever before! I need to know what it is about the tea and which tea is really helping I can drink it by the GALLON!!!

  6. Love the updated pet pics too. Wow, if only I was into the beans....



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