Monday, October 15, 2007

Some fur and some knitting

I have the same old projects on the needles, but at least the Gentlemen's Fancy sock looks, well, fancier! Doesn't this sock match a certain dog well? I've renamed this Tofutsie colorway Mingus.

This sock is flying off the needles and I'm almost to the heel turn, so I'll have yet another chance to experiment with a toe up heel flap! I haven't been overjoyed with any of my heel flaps yet, so I'll be on this sock mission until I can figure out the perfect method. So, uh, yeah... This is why I have so much sock yarn.

If you take a closer look at the dog behind the sock, you can tell that he just had a bath. He ends up with the most ridiculous cowlicks since he likes to sleep smooshed up against various surfaces.

Since bouts of rain have been keeping me indoors, I've been restless. I taught Greaseball how to spin.

I forced the dogs to go outside (while I stayed nice and toasty inside).

I've spied on the animals. Greaseball and Mingus are seen here fighting for the boy's attention. FYI, the boy is the lump underneath Greaseball.

And, of course, I've been playing with my stash, trying to figure out what I can make. This yarn combination will make some baby a nice stocking cap.


  1. I definitely think you should put Greaseball to work spinning - he needs to earn his keep after all the trouble he causes!

    I love the pic of Mingus and greaseball vying for the boy's attention.. they just crack me up!

    the sock looks great - keep posting your heel flap thoughts b/c I intend to steal the one you like best for socks for my father (one of these days I will start them)

  2. Vespa has the most pitiful look on her face. They always have fought me when I try to make them go out in the rain. I have to trick them by going out first. Then I can duck back in when they look away!

  3. I've got odds and ends in my stash...not really enough to make any whole piece. I've been organizing it, thinking that an idea for it might somehow fly into my head during the organizing process. But each time I move it around the shelf, nothing comes to mind. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. At least the shelves are clean and I know where each ball of yarn is!

  4. Woo hoo! The sock does match Mingus quite well...are you sure it's not made of Mingus???

    This weather has come on rather suddenly and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. 1YO has made it clear that she does not like long sleeves or jackets.

    This is going to be a LOOOOONG WINTER!

  5. very mingus like sock there - they do look cute looking in from outside

  6. Mingus, you're so fluffy!



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