Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fan Love

For the past few days, summer is proving that it's not over yet by giving us temperatures over 90 degrees and clear blue skies. Here in my little corner of the Bay Area, most residents don't have air conditioning because it rarely gets over 80 degrees F during summer and we're used to summer equating fog. But not this week. No, not this week.

Mingus likes to make a big, dramatic show about how he is suffering the most. As soon as I flip the fan on, he hogs it so those of us downwind of the breeze become coated in white dog fur.

When you ask him to move, ever so politely, he pretends that it is too hot and he is suffering so much that he cannot possibly hear you. I caught him squeezing his eyes shut tighter when I told him to moto.

And of course, when he realizes that there is a camera involved, he hams it up.

Incorrigible, that dog.


  1. silly dog!

    Kaya and Kallie seem to relish the heat - I found Kaya sleeping on the bath mat next to the dehumidifier today - the hottest place in my studio.. Its was crazy humid all day so the dehumidifier was going full tilt and kicking out heat..

    Kaya also likes to sleep draped across my head when its super hot- either she is hiding from the fan or getting more of it - I lean towards the former.. or she just likes to torment me

    these animals - so crazy!

  2. Awwww....poor guy, can't get away from all that fur no matter HOW MUCH he leaves wherever he goes.

    He really kept our house warm last winter by acting as the best draft-blocker for under our front door. Unfortunately, it's still in the 100's here right now and he'd be even more miserable...



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