Monday, September 29, 2008

My cats are so neglected

I clicker trained my dogs, but never thought about doing the same for my cats. This set of videos shows cats sitting and shaking hands on command, and they were all clicker trained. There's even a video with cats helping someone find her keys.

I really want to try this with my cats! Maybe the boy and I can have a competition to see who can get a cat to sit and high five first. I pick Fifty as my cat partner.

A new International Cat Hat is coming very, very soon. Stay tuned!


  1. I have always heard that cats are as they are...independent and free thinkers. They scoff at training and turn their noses up at treats in the most inopportune times. Can you bribe Fifty and Greaseball to do your bidding?

  2. Always staying tuned Wild Tomato. The tomato chronicles are one of my favorite blogs. Btw, I read that article you have below abou the hamburger bun? Wow. Twelve years! So, here I am a day later in the drive thru of In & Out, thinking about the article I read on your blog as I order me my hamburger. See, how your words travels through out different lands and drive thru's? :) Looking forward to seeing more of your creative genius!


  3. I think you can totally do it! And you MUST get this on video!

  4. We want to do that with Goblin. He already does a modified high five on his own. Hmmmmmmmm. . . Off to research how to train cats!



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