Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Root Beer Update

It was good, but it did take 2 tries! The first time I opened the bottle of root beer, it was flat. I added an extra heaping of yeast and sealed the bottle up a second time and another 2 days. This time, success! I'm hoping that my third try will be even better, since the flavor was better the first time I opened the bottle.

The boy and I have been busy bees since we're both taking time off from work. We make good retired people! Our travels plus the "hot" weather (in quotes to show respect to my friends from Austin who have been staying with us and balking at my weather whining) has made me stay away from my computer. A computer produces heat, you know!

During one of our adventures, a friend and I watched the boy kayak surf. In the fog.

It was hot as Hades at our house, but the beach was positively freezing. We were engulfed in fog, which wasn't quite what we had in mind when we decided to go to the beach. My friend and I made sure that the boy wasn't being eaten by sharks, and we knit. I had to stop knitting after awhile because the fog was sticking to my fingering yarn and making my Addis wet. Yuck.

Limantour Beach is also listed as a clothing optional beach, or at least that's what Google told me. We did not run into any nude people, probably because it was frickin' freezing at the beach.

Remember the Cutest Baby in the World. He's 1-years-old now! I wanted to knit him some bibs, but his dad informed me that baby is too cool for bibs and he rips them off.

I also have another sock done. But I'm lame and it's late - pictures will have to wait. Along the "I'm lame" train of thought, I swear I'll get the bread instructions up soon, as well as some more pics of the critters. Eventually. When it's cooler. Although, the thought of the days getting cooler depress me since I see this heatwave as summer's last hurrah.


  1. As if the ocean wasn't cold enough, people kayak in fog?! My poor kayak has been sulking since I got preggo and unable to lift it into roof racks. Lame me. Is that kid an Austin friend? He is just too cute!

  2. Okay, first of all- you're not lame. That has to be one of the cutest babies in the world, and yum on the root beer floats! Mmm...

    Make a me hungry.

  3. The kid is a Mountain View friend. And yet, I still only see him a few times a year. I need to fix that.

  4. He is SO CUTE!!!!

    Knitting on the beach sounds nice...too bad about the fog, though! Now THAT is some thick fog!

    That root beer sounds YUMMY!!!



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