Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mingus is a bad dog, by Vespa

For all you Mingus fans, I hate to burst your bubble, but Mingus is very, very bad dog. Sit back and let me tell you a little story...

I had this stick, see? It was a great stick - a stick so good that other dogs from around the neighborhood howled little ditties about Vespa and Her Great Stick. Mingus, who as we all know suffers from a wide assortment of mental issues stemming from his questionable past, decided that he was going to steal my stick.

He grabbed the other end of my stick, and tugged!

I growled at him! I begged him to leave the Stick alone, but he persisted!

He wouldn't let go! I warned him that he was going to break my magnificent Stick, but he did not care. He continued to tug.

Yes, folks, he broke the Stick. Then, he smirked in his "special" vacant, imbecile way and paraded around the backyard with the partial stick. I hung my head down in mourning.

See? This is why Mingus is a horrible dog! This is why I need to be an only dog again.

Anyone want a malamute? Leave me your info, and I'll email you when my folks are gone. Come quickly and I'll even throw in a couple of cats! Hurry!

Vespa (aka The Angel Dog)


  1. Quinn agrees. She thought this story was hilarious and sends Vespa an imaginary squirrel to keep her company.

  2. Mingus, my friend, you must bide your time. Wait for just the right moment to avenge yourself. And remember that you are the favorite, so even if Mingus takes great pains in gloating over his broken stick, you will be the ultimate victor.

  3. these are great pics!! The lighting is perfect fir them

    I am catching up on your blog and love the pic of Kallie - I mean greaseball's muffintop :)

  4. Vespa,

    I know you said you want to be an only dog, but what if you send Mingus here and I come live with you?

    I also live with a Malamute who is a pain in butt. Mom always talks about adorable Kishka is, but I just don't see it.

    I won't fight you for your stick (I don't play with toys or play fetch) and I'll be content to let you be the boss.

    Call me and we'll arrange the swap.


  5. Dear Vespa,

    I totally know what you're going through. Sunny is an awful dumb stick stealer too.

    I have an idea. You should tell Mingus that Sunny wants to meet him far out in the woods at night, and I'll tell Sunny the same thing. We could get rid of them both!

    Think about it...




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