Friday, November 19, 2010


The boy was hoarding these pictures of the pets on his phone. The quality isn't great, but they're just so sweet! I love how Vespa puts her paw on Fifty, and I love how there seems to be an animal sleep train going on. I don't love how they are on our bed, but I suppose if I saw them hugging and spooning, I'd snap a photo instead of snapping at them to get off the bed.

Knitting is happening fast and furiously in these parts. I'm almost done with an infinity scarf that I designed, and I'm hoping to get it test knit and up for sale on Ravelry! The boy's sweater is almost complete as well, and hopefully he'll be able to wear it on Thanksgiving.


  1. My gosh, if I could actually make some money by knitting - well, that would be worth something.

    I want to crawl into bed with those critters. I'm coughing and sneezing and whining and just want to crawl in there with them and feel sorry for myself.

    Happy knitting.

  2. So sweet! I know that Porter spends more time on the bed than I every time he disappears from view, especially since I got an electric blanket. His bed lies there on the floor, ignored.

  3. I also love how Vespa's nose is on Fifty. What an incredibly sweet picture. Where was Mingus?

    The two kitties cuddling is adorable, too.

  4. OK, that is insanely cute. Vespa looks like such a sweet and gentle girl.



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