Friday, January 16, 2009

Mingus Meets the Pool

Despite his love of running around in muddy, yucky lakes and bays, he did not particularly like the pool. He went in with his favorite person, then decided that he must exit immediately.

Mingus, please don't knock over the beer! That would be a huge party foul!

Then, he did his curious post water ritual of smearing his wet, doggy body onto everything and anything. I had to chase him away from the house, so instead he went for the pile of sand. Much better?

After he sufficiently impregnated his coat with sand, he became Hyper Dog! If anyone knows why dogs get the zoomies and run around like caffeinated freaks after they get wet, please clue me in.

Yeah, these are still Arizona photos. I need to take some new pictures of the whole crew. Perhaps they can model some more knitted goods since I seem to be cranking out the FOs.


  1. Oh, I love that second picture with his paws splayed to his sides!

    Kishka doesn't like water, either. She enjoys wading in water, but she hates getting her tail wet, so she won't swim.

  2. Muuuahahahaha! (That's my evil laugh). Because my dogs do the exact same thing to me, I'm a little happy to know that it happens to other dog owners too ;) Whether it be after a bath, playing in the sprinklers, at the beach or at the pool, right after they get wet, they run around like maniacs and rub themselves on anything they can which is usually either in sand, dirt, my clean pants or against the sofa.

  3. Celeste's not much of a water dog, either. Last time she went swimming, she ended up with an ear infection. She's sworn off swimming.

  4. Yeah, I finally figured out that Juno the Wonder Malamute hated the water because to a dog bred and evolved as a snowy tundra sled-dog, submerged in water = nearly instantaneous death from hypothermia.

    As for the dirt thing, she actually preferred dead animal carcasses when possible.

  5. How on earth did you get all of that sand out of such a massive coat???



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