Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Holiday Knits Revealed

I was in such a rush to block my hand knitted gifts that I did not get to photograph them before they were wrapped. My bad. However, I did manage to get some pictures of people sporting their goods.

My brother, tofuninja, actually requested this hat in these colors. Apparently, he wears this in public. For those of you who wave the geek flag, you'll recognize this as the Jayne Hat from Firefly. I used this pattern from Craftster. Can a person be furmiliated?

I also made my future sister-in-law a Noro Scarf from Brooklyn Tweed. What a joy this was to knit! Since I used Noro Kureyon, I softened it up with a good soak in some hair conditioner. It seemed to do the trick.

My feet were dipped into the world of knitted lace shawls with the oh so popular Swallowtail Shawl (*this link opens a .pdf). I wish that I had a better picture of this! The yarn is Redfish Dyeworks 20/2 silk, and I loved it! Perhaps someday I'll make this again, because once I got into the groove, I found it a meditative knit. I do have another ball of lace, so I can make it in green, or I can do another lace project. This project made me buckle and buy Victorian Lace Today, and the mellon scarf is calling my name.

I also have some baby knits on the needles for some good friends, and I finished a Clapotis for myself! I'll share pictures soon.


  1. I like the Jane hat. My friend made all three of them in their family each their own Jane hat. LOL. Go brown coats.

  2. I love my Jayne Hat! hahaha no furmiliation for me haha Thanks again!



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