Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Shift in the Craft Space Continuum!

For Christmas, we decided to gift each other with a new sewing machine! The boy wants to make things for his Jeep, mountain biking gear, and other things that are kind of burly, so after a lot of research, we picked out our newest addition. All I really want out of this are nicely hemmed pants, preferably with me not doing the hemming. Oh, and some nice dog collars.

So here it is, folks, the boy's first FO!

See the concentration?

Who will win? The boy or the sewing machine?

Woot! His first FO! It is either going to be a dish towel for us, or a burp cloth for a newly preggo friend.

I'll have to take a picture of how nice the edges are sometime. He's a natural.

I had an inward chuckle moment yesterday when he started listing all the gifts he wanted to make for people and all of the stuff he wanted to make for Jeep/him/house. Why was I chuckling? Because, coming from someone hopelessly addicted to knitting, I sensed the beginning of a sewing addiction. (Again, if I get hemmed pants out of this, this is perfectly OK with me!)


  1. What kind of machine did you decide on?

  2. I love it!! From the daughter of a seamstress/tailor- I salute you Pear! :)

  3. You are so freaking lucky to have a boy who sews! What is an FO though? An F'd up Object? Because that is what my first creation was. The second was a pair of horrendous jammies that I still wear.

  4. I loved that look of determination on his face. Thank goodness The Boy won!

  5. We ended up getting a Pfaff Select 3.0. When combined with the Pfaff coupon, it was the cheapest sewing machine with a pseudo walking foot.

  6. oooh - fancy sewing machine

    can't wait to see what else he makes

  7. HEMMED PANTS??? wow, i'd love to have a live in tailor! you are so lucky! and i love it more that the machine is pink!
    :o) ek.



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