Friday, January 23, 2009

Rendering Chicken Fat

I love fat. Even the tiniest amount of the good stuff can add so much flavor to your food, so because of this and because I let almost nothing go to waste, I made a batch of schmaltz with chicken skin pulled off of some chicken thighs that were destined for the slow cooker.

A heavy pan and low, even heat transforms pale, blubbery chicken skin to golden elixir. If you have a cast iron pan, making schmaltz has the added bonus of seasoning your pan. Watch the magic!

What do I do with this fat? Off the top of my head, I use to pan fry potatoes and roast Brussels sprouts. I use it to saute onions and celery for spaghetti sauce. I use it to saute leeks for potato leek soup.

The dogs get the resulting bits of crisped skin as high value treats. They know them as "chicken chips."


  1. I'm a huge fan of using schmaltz as the fat in matzoh balls. I'm convinced that is the only way they come out the correct consistency...

  2. YUM!!! I need to get me some chicken fat! Although, I'm not sure I'd share with the dogs!

  3. I almost didn't get past that first picture. Kept thinking about the back of my thighs.



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