Monday, September 17, 2007

Another weekend bites the dust

This weekend, the dogs spent their time on the boat. Mingus and Vespa would like everyone to know that a couch is a couch is a couch. So long as they have a couch to lounge on, it doesn't matter where they are.

Part of my weekend was also spent at the Sheep and Wool festival in Boonville! I scored fiber aplenty, so pictures of it will be forthcoming. But until then, here is a little goat that liked to mug for the camera. In honor of the fiber festival, I named her Niddy Noddy.

Mingus spent the remainder of his weekend working on his suntan. So far, he's still pasty white.

Vespa firmly believes that car rides are the best part of every trip, so while the rest of us are all sad that we're leaving vacationland, she's having the time of her life. Lucky dog! For her, all our trips end on a high note. After all, she is off herding duty when we're all crated together, so she can just relax!


  1. looks like a great weekend!

    I love the last pic - cuddling dogs!!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I wonder what Hogan would do on a road trip. I mean, besides having to stop to pee every hour or so due to his old man's bladder!!!

    Those are great pictures and I know just how Mingus feels about the 'tan thing!'

  3. Ha! Those dogs know what they like!

    The goat is a real looker, isn't she!

  4. Goat is a cutie. Vespa sure looks happy ridin in the car! Sun tanning husky, silly Mingus.



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