Sunday, September 2, 2007

As the Wheel Turns

This weekend, on As the Wheel Turns, we have an experiment in Kool-Aid. I dyed this yarn using Tropical Punch, Grape, and Black Cherry. The Tropical Punch was a little too bright for my taste, so next time I'll leave it out.

Also on my wheel, I played with some gorgeous merino. I love working with merino! It isn't as "sticky" as BFL and alpaca, and it was a joy to spin.

I love my spinning wheel. I think a few tweaks, however, will make it better. The first tweak is going to be adding a strap to the treadle so my foot can also pull the wheel (similar to using clips on a bike pedal).

Family photo:


  1. Oooo. So pretty! Love the colors.

  2. The first picture (at a glance) looks like steak...just the way I like it, too!

    Is the Kool-Aid colorfast? I know what it does to fabric, but does it stain the yarn well enough?



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