Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's getting better!

Somehow, I found my groove when I spun the merino. I went back to spinning BFL today and was pretty happy with the results!

Before I show you my last bobbin, let's take a retrospective look at my first bobbin:
It was a slubby mess.

Now, here's today's attempt:
I'm getting the hang of it! Also, the single treadle is just fine, so I don't think I'll upgrade to a double treadle anytime soon.

Now, what do I do with all this fiber I'm spinning? I want to spin more than I want to knit - after all, I learned how to drop spindle before I even thought about picking up the pointy sticks. Hmmm, I better figure out soon before I have a stash mountain!


  1. Go into business! Do the hand-painting thing and sell your yarn creations! Or get a knitting machine and knit faster than you ever have before!

  2. Ditto Kathleen about going into business! There is a decent market for handspun hand dyed - maybe you could do custom orders - esp for the dyeing - so often I like 2 out of the 3 colors of something etc. I don't think that niche has been explored much - at least not much that I have seen but I don't really keep up w/ all the blogs and such

    one of these days I am going to try dyeing...

  3. i'm starting to get seriously jealous here with how much yarn you've spun and especially with how GREAT it looks!!!
    all i'll say is that i have some merino roving i got from Stitches this year so if you want something to spin but not add to your stash, let me know! bc it will be a looong time before i will be able to get it done with my "spin & park" hand spindling! :o)
    can't wait to see what you do with this next batch of handspun!

  4. You are definitley finding your groove! It looks great!

  5. Maybe you could work out a deal with a local yarn shop to carry the stuff on consignment (or see if they'll buy small lots from you).

    There's always Etsy and I bet you could swap stuff on Ravelry.



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