Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Indulgences

Warning: gratuitous "I love my spinning wheel" photos. I can't help it! You'd think I'd be sick of it by now, but no. My wheel is the antidote to that thing I do to pay the bills because it is a simple system where operator error is usually the root of all problems. I wish I could say that about the possessed systems I troubleshoot for my clients, although telling someone that "you are the problem" is usually a surefire way to stop the cash flow. Anyway, please indulge me on this sleepy Wednesday.

This Kool-Aid yarn has dried and is already being incorporated into the bag.

Notice that little gray speck in the lower, left hand corner? My, oh my. Whatever could that be?

Will someone please tell me how this is comfortable? The dogs have more beds than us humans do, yet Mr. Mingleson always choose the hard floor and a back breaking position for his afternoon nap.


  1. Those are great pictures! We all need something to help us 'unwind.'

    (Insert cheesy grin and comment about being 'punny' here)

    Do your critters know how lucky they are?

  2. Those are terrific photos - artsy even. Mr. Mingleson looks like he's soakin up some rays in the sun, but that would be very unhusky like. Shiloh especially gets into these very twisty positions we think could never be comfy - he looks like a bendy straw. But it works for him.

    I am so intrigued by that kool aid yarn! love the color.

  3. I'm not a spinning person, but those pics of your wheel are gorgeous!

    I hear you on the number of dog beds. I have six in a 700 sq. foot house! Luckily, the girls sleep on a dog bed most of the time. When they're not on a dog bed, they're on my bed or the furniture.

  4. GOD I want a spinning wheel. Hey, I have some tussah silk roving that I dyed a while back, its a very light brown, white, and pink. Would you like to have it?

  5. Silly, silly Mingus.

    Of course, he only sleeps on the floor unless you're in the bed. Then, he has to sleep in the bed WITH you :)

  6. I love the spinning wheel pics - very artsy!

    Greaseball is totally like Kaya - if I leave yarn out she will sleep right next to it.. if I have something blocking I have to cover it w/ a towel or she will sleep on it - how is wet wool pleasant to sleep on!

    and mingus - well he is the dork extroidinaire!

  7. nice pictures. hahaha yeah Pets tend to find comfort in the most uncomfortable positions. Flick does something like that too, as do the kittens.

  8. Gosh, that wheel is beautiful!

    Cats and dogs do have a way of making it into knitting pictures one way or another, don't they! It's difficult to predict what they're going to find comfortable, but they sure are cute!



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