Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Today is the fateful day that I decided to start a blog. I was hemming and hawing about it for some time, but I needed a way to remember my projects and to show them to my friends, so I decided that a blog was the best route.

Mingus and Vespa, who are on the fence about this whole blog thing due to their rise as B level stars, helped me pick the winners for the blogoversary contest. How did they do this? Why, it's simple, really.

First, I made tags for all of the people who left comments on this post. People who linked me on their blogs received two entries.

Then, enter the Buster Cube. I wadded up all the tags and threw them and some treats into the toy.

Vespa and Mingus patiently waited for me to give them the green flag.


And the first winner is...

LadyPatsFan! She has three four adorable children who need to start a rock band, two cutie patootie dogs, and three sibling cats. And a full time job. Does this woman ever sleep???

Round 2! Wait for it...

And the second winner is...

LeannIAm! You can read about her adventures here and here. Her husband just built a life sized backstop in their backyard so their three daughters could have a place to practice softball. This makes me very glad that we have a postage stamp of a house and backyard, because projects like this are right up the boy's alley.

And the third winner is...

Kathleen at A Bag of Olives! I've had a great time reading about her adventures, which are sometimes as simple as a walk around her neighborhood or getting dinner at a local restaurant. She's an expat living in Lima, Peru with her adorable dog, Celeste and adoring husband, O. She also knits, crochets, and spins!

After I picked the three winners, something was nagging at me. I could've have sworn that during the first round, I saw another tag fall out. Yet, when I searched the house I couldn't find any more of them. I emptied out the rest of the tags from the Buster Cube, and sure enough, my dogs ate two of the tags. Since I'm not going to wait a day or so and dig through poop to confirm this, we have two more winners: Meera and Kristie!

Congratulations to all the winners! Expect emails from me soon...


  1. Why, thank you wildtomato! And thank you Mingus and Vespa.

    (I'll get you two your treat bribes next time I'm over there, I promise!)

  2. Sa-Weet! How exciting to see my name in print on someone else's blog! Tell Vespa I'll try to get some furmiliation pics of Daisy as payment. :)

  3. Yeay! Thanks Mingus and Vespa! Thanks to the Wild Tomato! I have won exactly TWO things in my entire life, and this is one of them! I'm tickled pink! (Glad my tag wasn't one of the two the dogs will poop out later...) Kisses from Celeste and thanks so much!!! WOOT!!!

  4. omg that is HILARIUOS!!!
    dogs are so great at these tasks...
    and lurve the mingus pose in the choosing of the first winner. :o) ek.
    p.s. happy blogiversary!!! so glad you joined in on the fun!

  5. Oh dear - I feel so pooped :) I've had my undies & socks come out of dogs' rear ends. Never my name though...

  6. I was drawn here by the cats-in-hats phenomena, but I think I'll stay for the german shepherd. Your photos are so wonderful. I love the post before this one, revealing the secret love child, and your method of picking a winner here is genius.

    I have a cat, who is not a very good replacement for a german shepherd, but at least I can sometimes dress her up in small frilly things, and she tolerates it.

    Bravo and congratulations on the hat fancy.

  7. I can't believe that Vespa didn't find my tag and eat it! She has proven over and over that she loves the taste of me!

    Congrats again on the anniversary and the lovely kudos and mentions from Crafts.

  8. The Buster Cube! Max used to love the Buster Cube. I haven't gotten it out since he died and now with food obsessed Sadie, I fear that using it again may result in blood shed.

  9. Thank you again for such a great prize! I finally posted my layout and thank you on my blog.
    Thank You!



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