Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It all started with one little post...

This post, to be exact.

My 1 year blogoversary is coming up! You know what that means: free schwag!

The contest rules couldn't be easier. Just leave me a comment in this post to let me know you're here. If you feel so inclined, post an idea for a future International Cat Hat. I'll pick at least one lucky winner on April 16th!

If you want to better your chances, pick one of my posts, any post, and link to it on your blog. I'll enter your name in the contest twice. Drop me a line to let me know if you do this so I can keep track.

What will you win? Well, I promise you it will be something good! I want to tailor it to you, so it could be a baby hat, a cat hat, some fiber, or even some of my handspun!


  1. I have a vision (for several years) of my cat wearing one of those furry russian style hats made from his own fur. I'm not sure I know how to spin his fur into yarn that furry but it would still make a good international cat hat!

  2. I'm here!

    So are Samantha, Kishka, Sadie and Romeo, but their paws are too big to use the keyboard. :)

  3. I'm here! me! me!
    And here is a hat idea - a take on the Matador Hat. It has the advantage that you can tuck feline ears in the side lumpy things :)

    Top view example:

    I'll have to go home and link you into my blog to double my chance. Woo!

  4. I'm here, as always. Haven't seen any of your handspun yarns lately. Show us pictures!

  5. oooh happy almost 1 year blogversary!!

    hmmmm future cat hat ideas.. what about a St Lucia Candle crown thing - I think that would look stunning on Kaya!

    or a babushka (that would be much easier than figuring out how to knit candles and flames and such :)

  6. I'm so in!!! I would absolutely ADORE a 'Wildtomato Original.' After all, you are my KNITTING MENTOR!!! This stuff is so addictive!!!

  7. i'm here! well, my kitties would never wear a hat (except for the time i forced the one into the giraffe hat, see ravelry for pix), so i'm satisfied enjoying greaseball's tolerance in photo form.

    that said, if my cats weren't such spoil-sports, maybe a knit bear hat would be nice...you know, with the upper mouth above the eyes? not so international, i guess, but could be cute!

  8. I'm here! I'm here!

    How about a sombrero, or a cowboy hat? Although those may be easier to crochet than knit. Or one on the little round mandarin hats.

    Congrats on your anniversary.

  9. leanne I am sent me here from Multiply.

    I so love the hats. I have a cat who is misnamed Tiger, because he EATS like garfield. Got a chef cat hat? hehe!

  10. I just posted under my name instead of my new blog name. There ya go. I'll figure this out soon!

  11. Bonjour,

    I am here too. Quiet and far, but always near in spirit. Reading your adventures, smiling at your writings, and very very proud of your work, creativity, brilliant thoughts, and killer humor. She spins, she knits, she picks fur!

    She's a spicy spindle she is.


  12. You know what I think would be funny on a cat? One of those tall black hats that the guards at Buckingham Palace wear. Dogs are too happy to pull it off, but the dour expression most cats have while wearing hats would be perfect.

    That said, I'm not a knitter, so I have no idea how hard it would be to pull off. I love reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

  13. Happy almost blogiversary (it's mine soon, too)!

    Might I suggest a Mongolian hat, for example:

    You could even accessorize it - see this fashionable wrestler's atire:

  14. I KNOW I replied. Weird software glitches.

    Anyway, I think a fez would be quite fetching on a cat, complete with tassels.

  15. Hi there,

    Just catching up on your blog. M&V crack me up!

    As far as hats are concerned, I think you should make a top hat. Every magician needs a top hat!

    I wish I could get the hang of knitting. I'm apparently all thumbs.

    Sara aka notmyhandle

  16. Love the new Le Mieux cat hat. I'm knitting that up now! (The other cats are insanely jealous of Zeus' hat.)



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