Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Take 3

Just in case you were wondering how big or small the hat is, here it is on Mingus.

I'm so excited about publishing my pattern! So far, 15 people have downloaded it and 7 people have it in their queues. One person has started it, and I've been getting lots of funny and nice email from people about the pattern. I cannot wait to see some finished projects!


  1. He's really a great model. Mine rarely let me put stuff on them.

  2. You are a superstar! and to think I knew you when ....

    I feel all inspired to come up with my own knitting designs now. I have been working on a fish shaped washcloth but that doesn't really have the same cache.

  3. oh my goodness...i so wish i knew how to knit! malachi (112 lb black lab) and my zoe (8lb orange tabby cat) are probably REALLY happy that am too domestically challenged to pull it off!
    these hats are just TOO cute! have you thought of a hillbilly hat? idk, maybe something with flaps...i know that isn't "international" but I am all about hillbilly lol.
    fabulous blog! definite bright spot in my night :D ty ty ty for sharing your pics and your humor!



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