Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ninjas and cats do not mix

Some days, I feel like chucking my knitting needles across the room and plugging in a sewing machine. There are more than a few problems with this urge, like I don't have a sewing machine, I don't know how to sew, and I love my Addi Turbos too much to throw them, but my frustration level has been rising.

Why? Well, because of this:

The ninja cat mask is just not going to happen. I've tried 6 different iterations of this mask, and it none of them look quite right. My cats look like they are Hannibal Lecter or surgeons ready to operate. Either way, they don't look very ninja-like.

Greaseball is happy that I am moving to the next idea and giving up on this one.

At least I learned a few useful tricks, like the cable cast on and a one row button hole. Perhaps they'll surface in one of my patterns at another time.

Amidst this frustration, a few nice surprises greeted me. Patwoman finished her cat beret for Gracie. It's so exciting to see another cat furmiliated!

Also, Meera made me some ubercute finger puppets and sent them my way. Rest assured that the number of leggy bits on the squid is correct, for she had wikipedia on her side.

Octopus and Squid came into my house and started to play Heart and Soul.

They really need to learn a new song.

ETA: This failure to come up with the perfect cat ninja mask is eating me up inside. I'll keep on working on it so I can hopefully post a pattern for y'all... Sheesh! The pressure!


  1. Ninja mask. Awesome! My cats are all running and hiding now.

  2. oh. my. That picture of Fifty makes him look like an angry ninja - not one I'd want to run into in a dark alley!

  3. ROFL! Those poor tortured cats. I bet the dogs were pointing all 4 paws and laughing at them.

    Mr Squid looks a little embarassed on the piano - like he hit a wrong note or something. Makes me question my belief that I would be a better pianist with a third arm :)

  4. I love the ninja hats.. esp how poor greaseball's ears are smushed down - I love tormenting Kaya by holding her ears back (hmmm and I wonder why I find little scratch marks on me in the morning.... )

    your cats are so patient! give them some extra pets and snuggles for me!

  5. Greaseball looks like a cropduster coming in for a landing...those ears...a bit bemused by the whole thing, I think. But I laughed till I just about busted a gut! Fifty-fifty looks positively ...hmmm...

  6. Ninja mask... those need to be made... Flick will wear one.... need to get one on Flick.....

  7. OMG!!!
    sooo funny! and they look sooo miserable! :o)
    oh well, it was worth a try!
    i'm really impressed at how well-tempered your kitties are! i don't even know if i could have gotten a hat on Fanny long enough to take a picture!

  8. teehee.

    I just saw Forbidden Kingdom tonight, with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Are you sure they weren't in that movie?? I could have sworn I saw them in a fight scene...


  9. Hehe, your cat looks like he's about to blast off to Mars. It's not just an international cat hat, it's an intergalactic one!



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