Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are your unorganized circular needles driving you loopy?

Yes? Then, I have a cheap solution for you!

My quest for a circular needle organizer has been a long one. Since I knit exclusively with circular needles, I wanted a filing system for them that would be functional and portable. Offhand Designs and knitpicks have cases, but they still weren't exactly what I wanted. The Offhand Design clutch looks nice, but I'd rather spend $45 on more needles or yarn. Knitpicks has a more affordable circular needle case, but even it would be near $35 by the time I paid for shipping and the extra needle pockets. Plus, it is backordered until the end of June. Neither of those were ideal options since I need instant gratification and when I have the time to do something, I need to tackle it.

So, what's my solution? Why, this:

1 8.5" x 5" 3-ring binder for $6
1 set of 20 sheet protectors for $5

Now, all my needles are in one place, and I can even put them in my bookcase. Since the pockets are large, they fit my pigs (size 19, 32" circulars) that I still plan on using for a lacy scarf. I even labeled each page so a quick glance can tell me the size and length of the needles. Of course, it looks a little drab, but I can spruce it up if I feel like it. Or not. I actually like how bleak it looks.

Not bad for $11!


  1. SCORE!!!

    I'm glad you found a more cost effective way to store them! That's smart!

  2. ahem.. and WHOOSE idea was it to use a 3 ring binder and page protectors..

    yep mine - although I can't really claim credit b/c I think I saw the idea originially on knitlist :)

    I am glad its working for you.. much better than my shove in a pocket of a bag method (but then again I never use my regular circs only my interchangeables which have their own case :)

  3. I actually started thinking about the 3-ring binder after I saw the clutch on knitpicks! This 3-ring binder is a little smaller than the regular 8.5x11" ones. But, yes, you had this idea, too!

  4. ok :)

    and now I see that it is a smaller one - that makes more sense than a big huge one...

    so many circs! I like all the different colors! I recently bought pink cords for my Denise so I could mix it up a bit (that I have so many WIP I was running out of cords - oops)

    I swear I am organizing my stash (and regathering needles that have spread themselves into various bags) soon.. I need to get a better method for yarn - needles I do ok organizing but the yarn is out of control



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