Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Life as a Cover Dog, by Mingus

B: "Mingus, your modeling career has taken off! Just months ago, people only knew you as Vespa's brother or got you mixed up with a jazz composer and bassist. Now, the name Mingus makes people think of your pure genius."

M: "Thanks, Barbara. I always knew that I would be famous. It has always been a matter of 'when', not 'if'."

B: "Tell me about your breakthrough."

M: "Well, Barbara, the pivotal point had to be my Lord of the Rings shoot. I was hired to be an extra hobbit, but after the photographer saw my mad skillz, she pulled me aside and let me be the lead. I was Frodo! One ring to rule them all!"

B: "Let's discuss your famous photo. Mingus, what were you thinking about here?"

M: "I was channeling my feelings when Vespa gets a treat and I don't. I'm sad. I'm distraught. I can't believe it. Life is so unfair. "

B: "That's fascinating! How about this picture? What was going through your mind?"

M: "Oh, that's a good story. I was thinking about this other time that the cats got a treat and I was not allowed to eat it. I wasn't even allowed in the same room. My guardians made me sit and stay while they fed those cats treat after treat after treat. I get all riled up just thinking about it now!"

B: "Wow, that is heavy. You are really abused by your guardians!"

M:"I know, I know. However, there are good times. Like the times I get treats. In this next shot, you can see me channeling my feelings when I do get a succulent, delicious treat. I am happy! I am thrilled! I am ecstatic!"

B: "Uh, I see a central theme here..."

M: "Hey, Barbara. Do you have any treats?"

B: "No, sorry."

M: "What? You mean I wasted my time for nothing? There's no payoff? Later, lady. I am so done with you and your stupid questions."


  1. mingus! how did you know I LOOOVE LOTR?? *swoon*

    your forever loyal obsessed fanatic fan,

  2. Poor Mingus dingus! you can come & live at Chez Kuttu anytime. We covet you :) -M

  3. MINGUS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
    please, i will give you treats 24/7, all the days (and nights) of your life! and Vespa and the kitties will watch, from the sidelines, drooling and crying, bc they won't get any!!! :o)

  4. there is my mingus boy.. cuddler extrodinaire!

    who else can pull off a cape with such grace and studliness



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