Monday, June 4, 2007

Fries with short rib gravy and cheese? Yes, please!

Work lightened up enough for the boy and I to take yesterday afternoon off to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary! Since this is us we're talking about, everything was planned at the last minute, but it turned out great. Our day started off with a visit to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The South Asian exhibit was outstanding!

Since our day's itinerary was slapped together, we unintentionally skipped lunch, so a visit to Gyro King (Turkish diner) was in order. I ordered sultac, which I thought was a soup with broiled cheese. Sultac turned out to be a rice pudding served in an ovenproof bowl - the top of the pudding is broiled. The boy had, what else, a lamb and beef gyro wrap. The wrap was the size of his head, so he ended up getting much more food than he intended. However, it all went happily down the hatch.

Dinner at Salt House was the highlight of the day. Poutine was our first course, and we could've just ate that and have had a very happy dining experience. Poutine is French fries topped with cheese (in this case, a white Vermont cheddar) and smothered with short rib gravy. Oh, yeah. I'll be heading back to Salt House soon. Good wine, good food, good times.


  1. so jealous. i've always wanted to try poutine. i've heard a lot about it but have never been able to try it.
    i'm going to have to go to this Salt House Asap. :o)

  2. Yum, Turkish Dinner!! How exciting! For some odd reason, (born in Istanbul, speak Turkish), I love their food! ;)

    I've been taking BellyDancing classes these past 8 weeks too! Tonight begins the Advanced session, oh boy!

    How YUMMY does your afternoon sound!? Happy HAPPY Anniversary to you, and the boy. :)


    I need to visit you guys, if it's just for the FOOD! Do you have a daycare?



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