Thursday, June 7, 2007

Other Uses for Circular Needles

Greaseball is pleased that I caught the knitting bug. In fact, if I didn't think he was so slow, I would say that he somehow convinced me to learn how to knit. (Hm, there have been quite a bleary eyed mornings where I discover he is sharing my pillow with me. Could he be trying to push his evil agenda? Nah, if Greaseball could influence me, he'd be convincing me to feed him 5 times a day.) Why do I think this? Well, because all my needles and yarn are just another cat toy to him. If I don't put away my needles, I find them all over the house and sometimes under the bed. Brat.

Vintage magazines rock. My MIL gave me one that she received from her mother. This magazine, Juvenile Styles, is from 1939. Look, it was only $0.25! There were plenty of cute children patterns in it. Maybe I can knit these for myself? I especially like the little boy's jacket - he looks quite smart. The striped beret is quite nice, too - I can make one in raspberry for the boy to wear on those days where he feels Princely.

My super secret project is still taking up the majority of my knitting time, although some quality BART time has allowed me to keep on trucking on the forever sock. I'm hoping to cast on something new on Sunday. Maybe (shocker!) another sock.


  1. I would *LOVE* to see 'The Boy' wearing a jacket like that!

    You'd have to take LOTS of pictures!

  2. Kallie loves knitting too.. luckily she and Kaya haven't figured out how to take out the yarn and needles themselves but when I am knitting Kallie and the yarn ball have fun! The sheepier the wool smells the better she likes it!

    Those vintage patterns are great - I think there is a woman who uploads all sorts of vintage (and copyright expired) patterns to a website for downloading



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