Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not even my dogs are morning "people"

For some time, I've suspected that my dogs are not fond of the early hours. From their perspective, morning and evening are pretty much the same: sleep, eat, sleep, play, sleep (you get the picture), so I see no reason why the early morning hours are so offensive to them. They have no appointments to go to and no money to make (which really sucks for me).

Here is photographic proof that they do not like mornings. They are lined up outside my kitchen, waiting for their cue to eat their meal.



See the difference? They are energetic and jazzed in the evenings!

And just what are they so excited about eating, you ask? Why, this:

It's raw chicken necks, chicken liver, and green tripe. It's the breakfast (and sometimes dinner) of champions! We decided a couple of years ago to feed our dogs a raw diet. It's not for everyone, but it works for us and our dogs look and smell great. Well, ahem, saying they smell great is a bit of stretch, but they don't smell so doggy.

More information on the raw diet, and some beautiful pictures of very old GSDs, can be found at Raw Dog Ranch.


  1. Having seen those faces in the morning, I can wholeheartedly agree with you. Mingus, however, seems to not dislike mornings as much as Vespa.

  2. Why do I suddenly get the urge to boil those necks and make some broth?

  3. I love these pictures (well except for the one of the raw food.. )

    Mingus seems to think Vespa tastes yummy

    Fanny, unfortunately, is not a night owl. she is an obnoxious bouncey-pouncey morning dog. she gets so desperate for us to wake up at 5am to feed her (waaay too early!) that she resorts to **gasp** kissing us on the face! :o)haha!



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