Monday, June 18, 2007

My knitting habit made me do it

Sick of listening to all my podcasts on my computer, I broke down and shelled out money to the evil Apple empire for my first iPod. Yeah, no one will ever accuse me of being a trendsetter. Now, I can be completely saturated in the knitting world while I sit on BART and, as an added bonus, no one will talk to me, because we all know that nothing says "leave me alone, I just want to knit" like a pair of headphones and some very sharp sticks.

Most of my knitting time this week has actually been spent futzing around with iTunes and searching for new shows, both knitting and non-knitting. One of my favorite series is Hidden Kitchens, a show about cooking in the most unsuspecting places and ways. My knitting podcast subscriptions include Stash and Burn, Knitters Uncensored, Lime & Violet (of course), Knit Science (hail to the knitting engineers!), Socks in the City, SSK (love them!), and Let Knit2gether (video podcast - I haven't watched it yet).

So if anyone has any podcasts to recommend, please leave me a comment! I'm still searching for a good news program, more knitting shows, anything animal related or about homesteading, and anything that's just so totally out there that you can't explain it. Like musical robots.


  1. hehehe you have started to leave the dark side and joined us in the happy happy world of apple (and computers that DON"T crash! :)

    you need to post a pic of it - are you going to try and make it even more red via a skin (a good thing to invest in to protect the case and screen anyways)

  2. Hey, my IBM ThinkPad does *not* crash. Ever. PCs rule!

    No, no skins for my iPod. I might, however, buy a holster for it because I don't often have pockets to hold it in. Holsters are dorky, though, so I don't know if I can do it.

  3. check out Sticks and String--an Australian guy knitter.
    great accent.
    and also, the every popular, Cast On with Brenda Dayne! :o)
    oh, and of course, It's a Purl Man with Guido Stein. and...there are some good interviews on the WEBS podcast, Ready Set Knit!

  4. I have to say, I have an iPod - it's my third one - but I have totally not gotten into the podcast thing. I use it almost purely for music.

  5. I don't have an iPod...I have ANOTHER form of an MP3 player.

    Man...I feel so behind the works just fine at the gym or when I'm mowing the lawn!



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