Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Math + Knitting = $$$

I just got sucked into Woolly Thoughts, a website chock full o' mathematical knitted patterns.

Before I could think twice about it, I bought two patterns. I bought the pillow patterns, too, since they are not that different from the blankets and I can have them almost instantly - they are .pdf files. (When did the pound become so strong against the US dollar???)

Oh dear, their symmetry made me do it!


  1. Do you think if we look at a couple of their patters we can figure out our own "math" patterns? I really like there stuff a lots.

  2. I sensing some 'online buyer's remorse?'

    Think of all you have to GAIN from this purchase....

  3. isnt' that website AMAZING???!!!
    i love their stuff.



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