Friday, July 6, 2007

Bathroom bottleneck

Picture this: one 1000 square-foot house, two dogs, two cats, 5 adults, 2 teenage boys, and one toddler. Also, let's throw only one bathroom, less than 12 hours notice of impending visitors, one day after a 5 day vacation, and a ton of catch-up work into the equation. Congratulations, you now have the formula to my last 24 hours.

Phrases one dreads hearing:
Do you have any air freshener? No? Oh, sorry...
Can I throw this diaper here?
What is Mingus doing with that diaper?
Is there another bathroom here?
Why is he flushing the toilet over and over again?
Do you have a plunger?
Do you have anymore toilet paper?
Don't lock the bathroom while you shower! The baby might need to poop! She hasn't pooped in 3 days!
When did you get all that gray hair? Poor thing, you got your mother's hair color.



  1. wow - when do the cats have a chance to poop?

  2. Somehow, Greaseball did manage to sneak a poo in the tub. Turd.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! How long will they be there?

  4. yikes - when are you free?

    not sure how they did it but the girls managed to fling and then bat a poo all the way to the LR when I was on vacation...

    Kaya is done being grumpy with me for going away.. Kallie seems very interested in hanging out with me.. it only took them 5 hours to get over their grumps

  5. It was only for one night, so the relatives are all gone. Although I love having them around, getting work done was next to impossible when the house was bursting at the seams.

  6. I wonder if they make tub-shaped litter boxes for cats like Greaseball. :)

    Poor Fifty must have disappeared the entire time.



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