Monday, July 23, 2007

Poor, unsuspectiong piece of popcorn

You've had a good life, oh corny one. You were once a hard, boring seed. Now, after trial by fire, you've transformed into a beautiful fluffy cloud of popcorny goodness. You thought you escaped death when I accidentally dropped you onto the table instead of into my waiting mouth. But little did you know that I left you there as a sacrifice for the Beast.

She takes no prisoners. I'm sorry, oh corny one.

Fifty-Fifty sees all. She knows all. You must believe.


  1. I'ze in your living room
    stealin' yo popcorn

  2. 50-50! maybe i will see if Kaya and Kallie like popcorn - I would like to find some sort of treat they like!

  3. Along comes Fifty...
    i love the look in her eyes in the middle pic, looking lovingly and droolingly at the innocent, so naive to think it will just continue sitting there, uneaten...

  4. When I was a little girl, my parents had a cat who adored popcorn. He'd walk over to the bowl, take a paw, reach into the bowl and spear a piece of popcorn on one claw, and then nibble at it.

  5. Um, wildtomato....when is the last time you left the house?




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