Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our Beach Trip, Part 2

Learning to surf was one of the boy's beach vacation goals, so the dogs and I accompanied him on a couple of surfing extravaganzas. Mingus decided that his goal was to dig the biggest hole that would make all the other dogs green with envy. Our little spot ended up looking like several landmines went off.

Here's Vespa watching the boy. Incidentally, there was a shark report the day before that made us skip a beach day. Some tourists reported a 12-foot great white shark jumping out of the water and snagging an unsuspecting seagull as a quick snack. Of course, my mom was the one who told me the part about the shark giving the tourists a show - she has a tendency to exaggerate when she thinks it is in our best interests (don't even ask me about how she described the birds and the bees) - but the shark report part was real. Anytime I couldn't find the boy and I was worried that the shark mistook him for the mother of all seals, all I had to do was ask Vespa and she'd look his way. So, if you follow Vespa's adoring gaze, you'll see a blip in the water that is the boy.

The dogs also took some time off from their busy day to mug for the camera.

Ah, there is nothing to bring you back to nature like, ahem, driving on the beach. Since this day was really windy and I was sick of being sandblasted, I spent a good deal of time hiding from the elements in the Jeep (knitting, of course).

After a hard day getting pummeled by the waves, aka learning how to surf, the the boys curled up in their namesake chair: the Lazyboy. Now, how Mingus thinks this is comfortable, I don't know. They bonded and watched Memoirs of Geisha in this position for most of the movie.

Oh, and if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, consider yourself lucky. There is nothing remotely romantic about (spoiler alert!!) an old man handpicking his concubine when she is 9 years old and grooming her to please him. Why so many people think this book is great is beyond me. Read The Time Traveler's Wife for an original love story, not this.


  1. I love your doggies! Vespa is so good at keeping an eye on her boys!

    my tofu socks are within rows of being done.. then I am starting a pair of trekking for my dad.. luckily his feet are normal length!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for telling me how to once again type a title in my blog post- I never ever ever would of figured that one out. SOrry, but glad you were having the same problem. YOur dogs are gorgeous, the post under this one is hysterical...thanks again, how in the world did you find me??Sharon

  3. You guys look like you had a great time. I've never seen that movie, sort of got the feeling it would be like that. YUCK!

    The beach looked beautiful and was it really that empty? AWESOME!



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